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Design Stories

Pieces of Nordic happiness

César Manrique

The artist who transformed Lanzarote

Walden 7

Bofill’s visions for better urban living

Taller Sert

Joan Miró’s dream studio in Mallorca

Pops of Color in Uncertain Times

Interview with Fatboy's Pauline Barendregt

La Muralla Roja

A cinematographic dream house

Films for Design Lovers

Top picks for binge-watching designers

Restaurants for Design Lovers

Great design, even better food


On food, tech and everything in between

For the Love of Food

Building Ask Irene -2.0

The 10 Principles of Good Food

Featured on UX Collective

See You Soon, Ironhackers

Two years and many friendships later

Adding a Feature to a Banking App

Featured on UX Collective

Thank You for the Music

Mixtapes, drama and Seth Cohen quips

Coding Is Cheaper Than Therapy

DFW, a monk and a developer walk into a bar

Next Destination: Home

Featured on Noteworthy

Strong to Be Kind

On working hard and being nice to people

The Best Meal Ever

Lunch at the world’s best restaurant

De picar piedra a picar código

From miner to web developer

Happier Through Apps

Maximizing the everyday small pleasures

Building Ask Irene

How 3 n00bs created a web app in 2 weeks

Federica Barbaranelli

Soulful food and permaculture in Cantabria

Drawing My Ideal Home

The obsession that became a lifelong project

A Winter in Lapland

What I learned by falling into a frozen lake


People and the things that make them happy

Happiness via Data

Interview with Domestic Data Streamers

Sad City

Interview with Maria Pratts

Alfombras que cambian vidas

Interview with Sukhi

Countryside Better for Creating?

Interview with Build

Feels Good: Gassenhauer

On Carl Orff's brilliant piece

Sheep, Bees and Surfboards

Interview with Nicolau da Costa

The Basqueland Brewing Project

Interview with Ben Matz

The Hoola Hop Master

Interview with Marawa The Amazing

El mundo en 25 miradas

Interview with Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola

Online Happiness

Some websites to improve your day

Apartment Therapy

Saving the world, one room at a time

A Mix of Minimalism and Fun

How a tiny apartment became a home

Agapornis Mag

Where companion animals and culture meet

The Ultimate Cat Lady

A virtual visit to The Cat House on the Kings

Save What You Love

Hedgehogs are not pets

The Urban Birder

Interview with David Lindo

The Second Life of Nara

Yet another beautiful cat story

Le Cool

A guide to Barcelona's best life

Three Marks Coffee

Dog-friendly Specialty Coffee


Mexican Restaurant


Catalan Restaurant

Americana Film Festival 2017

Film Festival

Bendita Helena

Healthy Restaurant

The Spa Kitchen

Beauty Salon

Co:Lab Barcelona

Coffee Festival

Foodie Experience: Time Machine

Pop Up Restaurant


Spanish Restaurant

Colmado Gràcia

Seafood & Tapas Restaurant


Specialty Coffee

Bar But

Mediterranean Restaurant

5º Pino

Neighborhood Restaurant

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